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Injury Management Services – Creating a Healthy Workplace

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Injury Management Services
The right type of injury management services can make a huge difference to your company's employees, as well as to productivity. Injuries do happen, and the best companies have a plan in place for dealing with them that benefits workers and the organization as a whole. The best way to implement a program is to partner with an expert organization that can help you take measures to prevent accidents, and provide you with prompt and professional support if an employee is injured.
Prevention and Health Education
The proactive manager understands that healthy employees often equal a healthy bottom line, and he or she takes steps to prevent injuries, as well as to promote general health. Preventive steps that managers take can include a wide range of programs such as:
  • Ergonomics. Independent evaluators will assess risk factors that may be present in your workplace and suggest solutions that involve ergonomic adaptations.
  • Educational Sessions. Keeping employees informed about preventive health care such as flu prevention has been proven to reduce the number of sick days in the workplace.
  • Onsite Clinics. Screening employees for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other "silent killers” can not only help reduce sick days, but they may actually save lives. Clinics can also be used to screen employees for drug and alcohol abuse, diseases that can take a huge toll on productivity as well as contribute to injuries.
Dealing with Injuries
If one of your employees has been injured, having a medical evaluation done is crucial. An evaluation can be helpful for those employees who may be recovering from an injury, since it can include information about:
  • The kinds of benefits the worker is entitled to
  • Types of physical therapy necessary to aid healing
The employee can be assessed for functional ability, and, if his/her former duties are judged to be too difficult to execute, career counseling and life skills services can be made available. A comprehensive medical evaluation can also be of practical use to your company, since it helps you understand how you may be able to accommodate your employee and how to plan for the future.
A related type of assessment is the physical demands analysis, which is used to determine the level of effort required to complete any given work task in a safe, injury-free manner. The PDA analyses the physical demands of the position so that a determination can be made in regards to whether or not the employee is able to meet the established demands.
Evaluations may also encompass a wide variety of Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) including orthopaedic, neurological, and comprehensive evaluations. These reports must be medically precise and legally defensible, as well as practical.
Choose an organization that has a national reputation for excellence. These assessors provide services that are unbiased and objective, based on tested policies. Better organizations deliver efficient and effective services within appropriate time frames, and adhere to internal service standards, including report delivery and turnaround policies.
Partnering with a top-notch organization to provide injury management for your company can make a positive impact on the health of your employees – and on the health of your company.
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